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How To Sell

For Listing Your Products, We Provide You The Selling expertise to help you sell and earn more.

What Do You Want To Sell?

Type 1

Sell New products

Sell Band New Products with there full accessories, products need to be new and clean

Type 2

Sell Used Products

Sell Used Products with good condition ,product need to be describe well in the distribution

Type 3

Sell Digital

Sell Digital Products Like: E-Book, Courses ,teaching Video

3 Steps To Sell

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Create Account

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List Products

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Receive Order

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The main components to sell on

Shop Name

Choose a distinctive and memorable shop name that reflects your shop.


Upload 3-5 images to give your shop strong brand identity, The front image must be white background.

Shop description

Create a short and succinct description to attract buyers to your shop and product


Seller need to sell his/her products with delivery 


You need to have account to sell your product Create Account

How To Set Up Using Mobile Device

1. Creating an seller account in by clicking Login or Register. 

2. You will then click “I am a vendor” and fill the required information such us:

  • Username
  • Email address
  • password
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Shop Name 
  • Shop URL “Can be same as shop name “
  • Phone  Number

3. Now you already created seller account on, the welcome wizard will appear in your screen, by clicking  let’s go you can complete the basic setting ,or if you don’t want to go through the wizard you can skip and return to the store.

How do you list your product?

1. In the dashboard page go to Add new product

2. Here you can start listing your product 

  1. Upload your image the front image first.
  2. Fill up the product name.
  3. Insert the product price.
  4. And the short description
  5. Choose product category
  6. Insert product tags

At the end click create product so we can verify and post it.

⚠️ Note
You can add more description and edit after you create your product